Vision, Mission, Goal, & Values

Our aspiration, to democratize medical education, add more physicians to the healthcare ecosystem of the world who are eager to provide healthcare to those in need, is what drives us.

At Bridgetown International University, we aspire to change the world of medicine and healthcare through providing affordable and quality medical education to all the aspiring doctors and ensure health for people in all sections of the society and all settings of the world.

Our Vision

Bridgetown International University holds a vision of making the institution emerge as one of the leading universities in the field of medical education, training and research. It will be well focused on enhancing new dimensions in the field of health and medicine. It commits itself to highest quality medical knowledge, skills and competencies and to providing maximum exposure to the future doctors of the world.

Our Mission

Bridgetown International University aims at identifying the potential of all students and offering superior quality medical and other health related education. It will redefine the scope of medicine in the development of the world by developing its core competencies. It will further teach and practice a model of medical education with the ultimate objective of emerging as a transformational agent in the world of health care.

Our Goal

To provide affordable and quality medical programs to aspiring doctors with hands-on experience in all medical settings and produce competent health professionals who are capable and eager to provide relief to those who are suffering and work for the betterment of healthcare ecosystem of the world.

Our Values

Empathy, Equity, Transparency, Righteousness, Accountability, Innovation, and Welfare are some of our core values that guide us everyday.


We are compassionate towards the pain and discomfort of others.


We treat people irrespective of caste, creed, religion, and other factors of discrimination.


We maintain the integrity and an open, two-way dialog with all stakeholders.


High ethical standards drive all our decisions and actions.


We assume full responsibility for all our actions and inactions.


We always work to find better ways to deliver education.


We believe in togetherness and work for the welfare of the community.


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