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An unforgettable living experience, excellence in medical education, lifelong connections, moments of joy, and much more that you will cherish as a student in Barbados!

An unforgettable living experience, excellence in medical education, lifelong connections and connections, and confidence to face the life as a doctor and as a person are few of the invaluable offerings of the Student Life at Bridgetown International University.

Students and faculty members from diverse sections of the world unite at BIU campus which encompasses the entire University facilities including the library, laboratories, classrooms, and hostel and mess facility managed by the University.

At Bridgetown International University, in diversity, there is unity where a culture of friendship, co-operation, and respect for each other is maintained by the University in a disciplined environment making the medical journey a shared and amusing experience. Student life in the Campus is made more enjoyable by the holistic development approach followed by the University. Besides quality education, students are encouraged to participate in academic and extracurricular activities organized in the Campus including seminars, exhibitions, research programs, medical outreach programs, etc.

At Bridgetown International University, in diversity, there is unity

Engagement in activities besides education helps the students get an all-round perspective of life and become smart in all settings of life. For quick recreation and short breaks, the untouched heritage of Barbados comes in handy. While staying at the University, students can go out for trips and visit calm and soothing parks, sit by the white sand beaches and enjoy the breathtaking views of the beautiful island or just take a walk nearby.

Student life in Barbados is gifted with the aesthetic beauty of Bridgetown which is also home to a UNESCO World Heritage Site! While students keep moving forward on their journey of becoming great doctors, the fresh and soothing atmosphere of Bridgetown, breathtaking views and splashing beaching of Barbados and fulfilling lifestyle of the Caribbean make BIU campus life a delightful experience!

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Hello, All Medical Aspirants! Bridgetown International University is a well-recognized medical university situated in Bridgetown, which is home to a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the capital city of Barbados, a Caribbean English-speaking island country in North America.

Currently, the University offers an International-Standard Medical Program for MD in Barbados (equivalent to MBBS) that follows US-based medical curriculum and recognized across countries worldwide. To get admission and study medicine in Barbados, apply online, and take the next step to become a doctor. For inquiries, contact our friendly team of expert counselors.

We See A Doctor In You.

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