From the very beginning to the final day of graduation, we hold the hand of our students and provide a range of services to make their medical course in Barbados as smooth and fruitful as possible.

At Bridgetown International University, facilities provided are commensurate to the pace of technology and modernity and at the core of our aspirations to provide an exceptional quality medical program for MD in Barbados (equivalent to MBBS) and provide all the medical aspirants worldwide an affordable opportunity to study medicine in Barbados.

We believe that quality education needs quality services and facilities that are commensurate to the changing world of healthcare and modern innovations. In pursuit of our commitment and endeavor to provide the students with world-class medical education in Barbados, we have invested in the modern set of medical infrastructures that offers a platform to our students to unleash their full potential as a person and as a professional as they study medicine in Barbados.

The University staff supports all the students from day one to the day of the completion of medical course in Barbados and beyond. Providing Visa support, recruiting top-notch faculty members, building research facilities and medical laboratories, affordable accommodation arrangements and extensive recreational facilities are part of our efforts to make students’ University experience an unforgettable and life-changing experience that accompanies our doctors throughout their lifetime!

Research Facilities

We well understand the importance of research and experimentation in the field of medicine. We have built state-of-the-art medical laboratories in our University Campus, where students are provided with a range of research facilities and are allowed to explore the medical world with fresh eyes.

Health & Safety Arrangements

Entire University area is protected by dedicated security staff and guarded under CCTV surveillance. Special arrangements are made for girls’ safety with separate accommodation observed by the warden. Healthcare services are also provided to students, whenever required.

Visa & Financial Assistance

To ensure quality life and study-life balance for the students, we arrange various facilities for the enjoyment and refreshment like picnics, sports, outreach programs. Recreational breaks allow the students to boost their energy and get back to study with a fresh mindset.

Modern Classrooms & Competent Faculty

Classrooms at BIU are built in a way that facilitates proper interaction between students and teachers. Classrooms are spacious and equipped with modern teaching equipment. Further, a low student-teacher ratio helps students learn in a personalized and attentive environment.

Accommodation & Mess Facilities

To provide the international students with an affordable and quality hostel and food, we offer University managed accommodation and mess facility. Hostel facility of the University is well furnished and has all the amenities required for day-to-day life.


University Library houses a collection of various medical books and journals and also provide access to online medical research facilities. It’s a medical treasure where students can find necessary reference material on diverse subjects of medicine and advance their healthcare knowledge and skills.


“Without laboratories, men of science are soldiers without arms.” – This quote from the French biologist Louis Pasteur very well summarizes the importance of laboratories for medical education. At BIU, we have built state-of-the-art research labs to facilitate adequate research.

Anatomy Lab

Our Anatomy lab houses various anatomical models, human bodies and cadavers and provides students with an opportunity to have an unforgettable learning experience and master the understanding of the inner working of the human body along with its structure. Online medical resources facility is also made available during dissection.

Physics and Chemistry Lab

Physics and Chemistry Lab has all the necessary equipment and facilities required for conducting experiments and research in the disciples of biochemistry, microbiology, radiology, radiation, and facilitates the students to probe and explore the field of Physics and Chemistry.

Microbiology Lab

Microbiology lab allows students dive deeper into the study of tiny orgasms and body parts with the help of microscope, objective lenses and facilitates the students to master their microscopic observation skills and gain knowledge, skills, and experience required to perform the art of investigation of the body.

Computer Lab

Computer Lab of the University is equipped with modern computers, high-speed internet connection, and other modern technology devices. While students study medicine in Barbados, Computer Lab enables them to carry out online research, help them in understanding the role of computers and technology innovations in the healthcare sector and get hands-on experience on computer application in medicine.

Other Facilities

Students are also provided with University managed bus facility to pick and drop them from hostel to campus and back. Besides, all other facilities and services are arranged to let the medical aspirants make the most out of the time they invest in studying medicine at the University Campus.

Apart from natural advantages of studying MD in Barbados, student facilities provided by the University make the entire journey of becoming a doctor a smooth and enjoyable experience, right from the admission process to the completion of the clinical rotations and finally graduating as a professional medical doctor!

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