Message From President

By working together, we can gift the world with more doctors and make the healthcare system better for everyone!

Dr Ganapriya Kancherla,
President, BIU

Dear Aspirant Doctors,
Hello, and welcome to BIU University. You are about to start your journey at BIU, a journey that promises to be an exciting and a fulfilling one.

BIU gained a reputation as an institution where excellence is the buzzword. And this excellence is reflected in the way our curriculum has been designed, the quality of teaching our faculty displays, the methodology of learning we have adopted and the expert guidance which our students get. These qualities have helped our students to make a decisive difference in the professional discharge of their duties after graduating as a doctor. We firmly believe that there is always more to learn and always more to achieve. Therefore, never have poverty of ambition as your ambition is your driving force.

Remember, healthcare is an inalienable right of every human being and as you start your education to become a doctor, this will be one of the most important issues you will confront at a moral, ethical, professional and emotional level.

At a Convention of the Medical Committee for Human Rights held in Chicago in March 1966, Martin Luther King Jr declared: “Of all the forms of inequality, injustice in health care is the most shocking and inhumane”. And at BIU our aim is to produce doctors who will make genuine attempts to reduce/ eliminate this inequality and injustice.

Year 2020 and the COVID 19 pandemic has redefined many things. In order to make a decisive difference in another person's life, we need to improve the quality of what we think, how we react and what we communicate. To make an outstanding contribution to society, be determined to meet the challenging times on your own terms and bring the change that is needed. This will help you improve the quality of life around you by being relevant for others.

Do not ever be satisfied with the body of work you have done as it is never done. Each day you will have a chance to contribute more if you are committed to your passion and feel that you have indeed lived your life well. Be hungry to learn more, be ready to adapt to new developments and be confident to take risks to take advantage of newer opportunities and research. Ultimately, you should know who you want to be not what u want to be.

Medicine is indeed a hard road to walk on, but it still is a worthwhile and noble profession. If you want to move ahead you must step forward. Life in a real world is more challenging so be fully prepared to face it. At ISM we truly believe in tapping every talent and believing in the potential of every dream. And this has allowed us to open doors of opportunities for everyone; the hallmark of our real success. We are not complacent and through, our passion and commitment, we are trying to be the best educators.

So welcome to BIU and take your first step towards dedicating your lives to the profession of medical science and health.

Best Wishes
President, Bridgetown International University

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