Message From Dean

By working together, we can gift the world with more doctors and make the healthcare system better for everyone!

Dr. Mohsen Javaheri,
Dean, BIU

Sriensh Vallabhaneni,
Director, BIU

Dear Aspirant Doctors,
Hello, and welcome to BIU University. You are about to start your journey at BIU, a journey that promises to be an exciting and a fulfilling one.

I am pleased to welcome our prospective and current students. The COVID pandemic, more than ever, reminded us that compassion, humanity, and leadership are just as important as academic excellence.

At Bridgtown International University (BIU), while our focus is on medical education and research, we understand that the ultimate goal is patient care. Our team efforts are all directed toward providing the best educational opportunity to care for our patients.

Our new system-based curriculum, early hands-on clinical experience,and a low student-to-faculty ratio create an exceptional environment for state-of-the-art medical education.

I am also delighted to report that the work at the new BIU campus has been completed. This new facility includes new labs, computer rooms, and a library.

We cherish the academic performance of all students. Hence, the experienced and exceptional faculty at BIU has created a monitoring system that individually delivers extra help to students.

At BIU, in addition to a world-class medical education, Barbados offers a chance of experiencing life on a beautiful island, diversity, and a safe and secure environment.

Please feel free to browse the website and learn more about our wonderful program.

Best Wishes
Dean, Bridgetown International University

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