Message From Vice-Chancellor

By working together, we can gift the world with more doctors and make the healthcare system better for everyone!

Mr. Ronald Jones,

“I feel highly privileged and honored to be a part of such an esteemed educational institution imparting world-class medical education in Barbados to students hailing from all sections of the society in different parts of the world. Known as a world-recognized artist, writer, curator, professor, lecturer and critic for over the last 20 years, it’s my utmost pleasure to join hands with Bridgetown International University, a superlative medical university in Barbados, and be a part of its management.

My experiences with the University have been overwhelming, and I extend my heartiest congratulations and well wishes for the utmost success of this world-class educational setting.

In the dearth of good doctors, we as a responsible medical institution, see a doctor in every medical aspirant on the planet and endeavor to be a world-leading organization for providing affordable and quality medical education to each aspiring doctor.

On occasion, I also invite all the medical aspirants in the world to come to Barbados, study medicine at Bridgetown International University, experience medical excellence and get hands-on experience in the field of medicine. By working together, we can gift the world with more doctors and make the healthcare system better for everyone!”

Best Wishes
Ronald Jones, Vice-Chancellor
BA (Hons), Master of Education Former Minister of Education, Science, Technology and Innovation, Barbados.

About Mr. Ronald Jones, Vice-Chancellor

Mr. Ronald Jones, the Vice-Chancellor, has held the honorable position of Minister of Education, Science, Technology, and Innovation of Barbados for a period of 10 years. Before that, Mr. Jones has been working in the field of education in Barbados for a period of about 27 years and, not to mention, is extremely familiar with the dynamics and laws of education in Barbados.

As Vice-Chancellor, Mr. Jones has made immense contributions to the development of the University with his unmatchable experience of close to 40 years in the education sector. The University is honored to have his leadership and guidance as the institution embark on its journey of becoming a leading medical organization in the world.

World Needs More Doctors. We See One In You.

Hello, All Medical Aspirants! Bridgetown International University is a well-recognized medical university situated in Bridgetown, which is home to a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the capital city of Barbados, a Caribbean English-speaking island country in North America.

Currently, the University offers an International-Standard Medical Program for MD in Barbados (equivalent to MBBS) that follows US-based medical curriculum and recognized across countries worldwide. To get admission and study medicine in Barbados, apply online, and take the next step to become a doctor. For inquiries, contact our friendly team of expert counselors.

We See A Doctor In You.

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