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The phrase "relaxation" is connected with life on Caribbean islands. When people think of Barbados, they usually picture themselves lounging on a beach. Living as a student in Barbados, on the other hand, provides students with an entirely different experience. It's a world apart from the week-long vacation.

Barbados' cost of living is far lower than that of any other Caribbean country. This island isn't just for the wealthy. Living in Barbados may appear to be pricey, yet it is everything but.

Barbados is certainly one of the most beautiful places on the planet to live. It offers a warm, sunny environment all year and numerous outstanding attractions, including world-class beaches and friendly Barbadians

Barbados is well-known for its excellent aviation connections. It is a fantastic gateway for the remainder of the Eastern Caribbean, as it is only one flight away from numerous destinations in North America and Europe.

Barbados offers several fantastic eateries that appeal to a wide range of preferences. For a student outing, however, there is no better place to be than Oistins, a fishing hamlet on the south coast. With freshly caught grilled mahi-mahi, try roasted breadfruit or cou cou.

When it comes to safety, the island boasts one of the lowest rates of crime in the Caribbean. The authority maintains a visible presence in residential and tourist areas, providing additional protection.

The country receives more than one million tourists every year, the great majority of whom have a safe and enjoyable stay on the island paradise.

If living in Barbados for a week offers a heavenly experience then what about studying here? Barbados attracts a lot of students from all across the world and it is completely understandable why?

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