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One of the most beautiful island countries in North America, Barbados is a destination with a delicate balance of quality education and quality life.

Barbados is a beautiful island country situated in North America. Currently, about 3,00,000 people call Barbados their home and about a million people visit the island each year to enjoy nature, relax on white sand beaches and spend time in a peaceful yet vibrant environment and curate new life experiences that can be adventured only in Barbados.

While Barbados is a small island, it is not small in its charm and quality of life that the Caribbean country offers with its untouched beauty and all-time pleasant atmosphere.

Situated in Bridgetown, the capital city of Barbados which is also home to a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Campus of Bridgetown International University offers the students a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to enjoy the offerings of Barbados as they keep moving forward on their journey of MD in Barbados (equivalent to MBBS). From friendly people to convenient medium of communication, from delicious food to uncounted recreational activities, from natural treasure to world-famous human-made structures, Barbados has got plenty to let you enjoy your Student Life in Barbados. Let’s explore more about this hidden gem of the Caribbean and what this nation of “Pride and Industry” has got for you:


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Segway of Barbados

Barbados tour on a two-wheeled motorized personal vehicle is a unique and fun way to experience the beauty of the island. When you are here, just grab a segway and start exploring!

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Small Cats Catamaran

Barbadian experience is incomplete without boarding the catamaran and enjoying an incredible day of cruise along the West Coast of Barbados. Do swim! Do fishing! Go for it!

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Kendal Sporting

It’s a club where you can enjoy quality time free from the hassles of daily life! Spread across 72 acres, Kendal Sporting provides a relaxing atmosphere amidst soothing gardens.

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Island Safari

Go, aboard a Safari and explore the hidden gems of this Caribbean Island and feed some unforgettable Barbadian excursions in your memory!

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Honey Bea III

No matter if you are an expert at fishing or yet to experience it for the first time, Honey Bea III in Bridgetown offers recreational fishing at its best!

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St. James Parish Church

With inception going back to 1628, it’s the oldest church in Barbados blessing Barbadians since 1639. Feel free to visit and seek some blessings.

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Harrison’s Cave

Claimed to be a naturally formed cave, Harrison’s Cave provides an unparalleled underground experience and the most thrilling adventure in Barbados.

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Beaches of Carlisle Bay

Situated on the Edge of Bridgetown, Carlisle Bay Beaches offers turquoise and clean water to take a walk, sit on the beach chair and relax!

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Delightful Climate

The temperature keeps floating from 16°C to 33°C ensuring a pleasant atmosphere which is never too hot, "nor too cold" given the short rainfalls and the Caribbean breeze!

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Jammin Catamaran Cruises

If you want to enjoy an extraordinary day on the water, make a reservation for Jammin Catamaran Trip and enjoy a fun day under beautiful sunshine in Barbados!

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A Fulfilling & Fruitful Experience!

Barbados and Bridgetown International University offer you a fulfilling and fruitful experience in terms of quality life and education & once you graduate, give you the honor of being a doctor!

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George Washington House

It’s a house of historic importance, given the fact that George Washington visited the house in 1751 who later became the first U.S. President.

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