Our University is recognized by medical authorities and organizations worldwide ensuring global recognition and international career for our medical graduates.

At Bridgetown International University, students are provided with an environment of medical excellence where they are exposed to vast learning opportunities under the guidance of competent faculty members and a pragmatic approach to study medicine in Barbados.

To achieve excellence in medicine, we have designed our medical program for MD in Barbados based on US medical curriculum which adheres to the international benchmarks. We follow English as the medium of instruction and for all other communications across University. Most of the students are familiar with English, so they don’t need to learn any new language to pursue a medical course in Barbados.

Particular focus is given on the development of practical knowledge of the students with encouragement to participate in research programs, seminars, community welfare, and medical outreach programs from the very first semester of MD in Barbados. Medical Education at BIU is fueled by built-in modern infrastructure including laboratories, library, and advanced equipment and teaching resources which ensure that students medical in Barbados at Bridgetown International University matches the standards of a top medical university in Barbados.

To prepare the students for the global practice of medicine, in the final phase of MD in Barbados, students are provided the opportunities to opt for clinical rotations in University affiliated hospitals in different countries. For personalized and practical learning experience, we maintain a low student-faculty ratio so that students get the attention they deserve and foster good rapport with their professors and colleagues.

The institutional setting at BIU brings the students and faculty members together and facilitate medical education in a friendly, disciplined and collaborative environment facilitating lifelong connections and learning!

Anatomy Lab

Our Anatomy lab houses various anatomical models, human bodies and cadavers and provides students an opportunity to have an unforgettable learning experience and master the understanding of the inner working of the human body along with its structure. Online medical resources facility is also made available during dissection.

Computer Lab

Computer Lab of the University is equipped with modern computers, high-speed internet connection, and other modern technology devices. While students study medicine in Barbados, Computer Lab enables them to carry out online research, help them in understanding the role of computers and technology innovations in the healthcare sector and get hands-on experience on computer application in medicine.

Microbiology Lab

Microbiology lab allows students dive deeper into the study of tiny orgasms and body parts with the help of microscope, objective lenses and facilitates the students to master their microscopic observation skills and gain knowledge, skills, and experience required to perform the art of investigation of the body.


University Library houses a collection of various medical books and journals and also provide access to online medical research facilities. It’s a medical treasure where students can find necessary reference material on diverse subjects of medicine and advance their healthcare knowledge and skills.

Modern Classrooms – Competent Faculty

Classrooms at BIU are built in a way that facilitates proper interaction between students and teachers. Classrooms are spacious and equipped with modern teaching equipment. Further, a low student-teacher ratio helps students learn in a personalized and attentive environment.

Our state-of-the-art academic facilities and infrastructure coupled with well-versed faculty and an enriching environment ensure that our students make the very best of the opportunity to study medicine in Barbados at the University and qualify as exceptional medical professionals.

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